Catering requests for “guilty pleasure” food at functions are common 
but that does not mean it has to be bad for you


You Can Have Your Cake  & Eat It Too. 

           I am a caterer that has specialized in American regional cuisine for many years. I am also an international food lover and can cook most countries cuisine like a true local.

     Classically trained at the New England Culinary Institute, I am still very old school and traditional in the kitchen.
I like sourcing local product, everything from beef and eggs to farm market produce. That “farm to table” flavor is everything! Hindle’s Catering is anything you want it to be. It’s like having your own personal chef at your disposal but for the office.  Hindle’s Catering is exactly that. Basically with a chef in charge (like me ;))  who can do anything and everything…Just ask.  

     I make the majority of my menu from scratch so it affords me special advantages to adapt things.                                      What that means is that I am great at tweaking recipes to accommodate most dietary needs.     
And I definitely do get many special dietary requests. Gluten free and vegan being my top two requests BUT there is ONE that is more common than you think,

     It’s the “Can you make bad, good?” request I love the most. What does that mean? Well I will  give some examples, and be warned, they will make you hungry!

  The Guilty Pleasures Can Be Rewards

     Healthier versions of Macaroni and Cheese are popular asks. Dairy Free Chocolate Cream Pies are another. People still want those heavy rich dishes yet not all the fat and calories that come with them.The good news is that I really can honor those “guilty pleasure” requests… and you don’t need to feel guilty about it!
My chocolate cream pie has no cream or egg at all when it goes vegan! In fact it is made from silken tofu and dark rich chocolate. The crust is crushed candied pecans so it becomes gluten free too!  I have served this many times to friends and family and they have absolutely no idea. I hear how rich and creamy it is all the time and I love it. On caters, I only do it on request, but for my kids, well…what they don’t know benefits them and in this case, Mom knows best.

     My Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese is loaded with extra sharp cheddar but not all the heavy cream and butter that the traditional recipe contains. I can even use gluten free pasta if the need calls for it. Literally anything can be adapted to make it healthier and better for you.

So why wouldn’t you ask?  

  The Answer is Yes!

     The majority of the time, my clients hear that exact response. Yes, I can do that for you! Gluten Free, vegan even half the fat and calories…and  taken away naturally. When you can, why not do what you can to create amazingly flavorful dishes that are good for you too. Good food that adds to your energy, not your waistline. Great food that fuels your body rather than put you on a sugar rush to the inevitable crash.       After all, it can still feel like an indulgence but be better for you, good for you even, why not? The answer is yes to that too…you should.

 I would highly suggest you call today 717-387-2974 or email To plan that next function or event Hindle’s Catering can give you what you want, and what you need, all in one. Enjoy!