Caterers nationwide are getting more requests for taco bars of every kind

From the authentic Mexican local hot spot to the New York Times Critics’ Best Picks, tacos have gained serious recognition as a great go to food and certainly one we crave. Tacos have such a following that restaurants have made them a weekly highlight, Taco Tuesday is a special everywhere it seems. The love for tacos is a passion in the catering world too. Caterers nationwide are getting more requests for taco bars and in many styles. Calls for the classic taco bar to more eclectic and modern versions like a seared Ahi tuna Cali taco are very big requests in business catering now days. And why not? Let’s take a look into why tacos have gained such popularity.

The traditional Mexican taco takes a prepared hot filling, usually slow cooked braised meats, seafood and even vegetables are common, and wraps it in a corn or flour tortilla. Fresh toppings of lettuce, tomato and guacamole are added to make a great balanced little hand held bite.

 A classic street food, tacos are small, manageable and made to eat without any plate or utensils needed. It truly makes the ultimate on the go food. If that’s not enough to convince you to call and order some tacos right now then, here are 5 more reasons to go crazy loco for tacos!

First, they are perfect for any meal at any time of the day.


In fact, breakfast burritos have even evolved to a breakfast taco.This unwrapped soft flour tortilla can be filled with eggs, chorizo and other hot fillings, then guests can add all the fresh toppings they choose. Diced tomato, avocado, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, the list goes on….

At Hindle’s Catering we like to serve our breakfast tacos with a southwestern style hash browned potato and recommend adding some fresh fruit for a complete and filling menu plan for your guests to enjoy!

Next reason, they’re also fantastic for lunch or dinner.

Tacos can be a very satisfying lunch or dinner time entree. I really can’t think of a better meal to serve that will excite your staff and make them look forward to lunch. We serve our Fajita and Taco Bar with yellow rice and seasoned beans to make it a complete and filling meal. It is served with all the fresh toppings you would expect making this the best choice for your clients to eat during that working business lunch or staff evening social. 

How about reason three, when you’re craving late night grub?

Tacos are the best of all party goer’s munching options.
Tacos combine spicy meats and gooey cheeses, things you’re destined to crave after a couple of drinks and doing a little dancing at the club. What’s better than these casual, inexpensive treats to satisfy your late-night munchies and cravings? Tacos are the best!

Fourth great reason why we can’t get enough tacos, because it is simply impossible!


Whether you’re a serious meat eater, eating gluten free, vegan or a vegetarian, you’ll always find a taco variation that’s perfect for you. While we love a good classic beef taco, we can’t help but get excited over all the many varied and creative combinations and styles of tacos these days. Everything from fish and  pork belly to mushrooms and squash flowers, your only concern will be deciding which ones to order.

And the fifth reason is all about the flavors.


 All those incredible sauces they come with, could go on anything and everything. Guacamole, pico de gallo, salsa and sour cream are common toppings that we all love. But what about a sriracha or chipotle adobo sauce for even more intensity? You can make your tacos sizzle with the heat of habanero or ghost chiles and then cool it down with that classic creamy avocado dip…or you can opt for all the above because with tacos anything goes!

 Like we mentioned earlier, one of our most popular menu plans is the Fajita and Taco Salad Bar. But did you know that by request, we can do any style you like? The seasoned chicken and beef asada are great but what about pork carnitas, seared tuna, blackened shrimp or Cali style fish tacos? 

Hindle’s Catering can do any kind imaginable. Just give us a call 717-387-2974 and tell us what you would like when you place your order.